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How Does It Work?

It's easy to start using LocaleBro. Here is a little step-by-step instruction on how to localize your apps in a few minutes.

How to localize mobile applications


The first step is authorization, and
it's created to protect your data.

You can start working by clicking on social networks button or by entering your email/password.

We don't ask a lot of info, just a minimum to introduce you to our system.

If you want to share projects - it's better to fill in names, that way it will be easier to communicate inside your team and not guess whose email you're seeing now.

Add a project

Then, you should add a project -
press a button on the landing page.

You need to fill the project name and select default locale - it will be used as translation origin. You can change it anytime if you need.

Add locales

Further locales -
add as many, as you need.

There are no limitations, so 2,5,10 - it's not a problem

Of course, you can add them later, but why do we need to postpone? Here and now :)

Import strings

Bro, there is no data yet -
use an import and fill the project.

If you have similar Android and iOS applications, with almost the same texts, but with different keys - don't worry. You can select a platform and import strings with different keys for EACH type (Android, iOS, Web), we will use automatic matcher. For example:

If you have iOS string

"application_name"="Best ever Application"

and android

<string name="app_name">Best ever Application</string>

LocaleBro will match the content and merge two texts in one, so no need to translate it twice


Everything is ready to go
double click on the field to edit or use auto-translate option.

You can translate each line manually, you can use a bunch translate feature, or you can use auto translating option for single locale string.

Choose a better way to localize applications easy and fast.


When the project is ready
use the export tool.

Select the platform and locale, and that's it! You will get a file, just move it to your Android/iOS/Web/Backend project. Easy, right?

You can export strings only for selected platforms, or you can export all key and values from the project in selected format - up to you.

Some companies spend Months to translate their application, with our platform you can localize everything in 7 simple steps and it will take less then 10 minutes.

Of course, automatic translation is not perfect, but you can just check existing text instead of manual typing, and believe me, it's a huge difference in time.

Also, you can always give access to any person/company or ask us to help with translation.

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