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Android and iOS localization

: What could be simpler?
Welcome to LocaleBro.
Bro of the localization.

Localize Android, iOS, Web, or API as simple as possible. We will help you to manage strings without developer/translator pain. No more double work for the same texts! Save your time and money! Use LocaleBro for free!

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Built for developers

As developers, we have had a lot of different localization experience, so we tried to create simple, but useful tool to import/export string files from iOS and Android apps, web interfaces and server side endpoints. No one can break your code anymore :)

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Built for translators

What can be simpler than excel table for translation? We tried to create a super convenient tool, without useless info, paginations or redirections. See everything you need- all origins and translations on one screen!

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Built for managers

It's hard to guess when the app will be ready for release? We will show you your translation progress for each locale! Also, we will show some stats, and you will know who did his best and who did not :)

The most useful resource
ever created for

Minimize everyone's work! Let developers write code without spending time on merging strings after translation. Let translators do their job without double localization for the same lines. Let managers see the progress. Let the owner be happy.

Optimized for Android and iOS strings

Support strings-arrays and plurals

Automatic cross-platform text matching

Automatic translation with Google Translate

Do More With Less

See current state of your projects
using the Dashboard page.

We have average statistics for all or for each separately

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Import/Export files with your texts for Android, iOS or Web

Don't worry to break your strings. You can import only new, or update old translations if you need.

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Link strings from iOS-Android and translate only once

we will match texts automatically, no need to synchronize developers code



Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the localization.

Stop worrying about handling the translation, use a modern localization tool for your applications with an automatic translation system. You can do it better and faster!

Fair, simple plans for everybody.

You can use our platform absolutely for free for all your applications because each project in our system has its own plan and own limits, so you shouldn't pay if you fit a free plan.

$ 0 /mo

Yes, Bro, you can use it for free.

Unlimited locales

Unlimited participants

Automatic cross-platform merging

Free Unlimited support

1000 translation strings available

1000 Auto Translate symbols

Start using for free


If your project contains a significant amount of translations for different locales - you can still use our platform.

We created subscriptions for each type of projects, and you can use a different plan for each project.

Also, we provide Automatic Translate even for base plan.


Does it support iOS, Android only?

No, currently it supports also json key-value object.


Do I need to pay for the project?

You can use LocaleBro for free, if your project fits the limits.


How many projects can I have?

You can have more than 10 projects, if you need :)


Can everyone use Automatic Translations?

Sure, you can use Automatic Translations even in a free plan.


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