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Why should I use LocaleBro?

We created the best tool for managing localization, which can save your money and time. LocaleBro is specially optimized for iOS and Android strings, and we removed the double translator's work by adding features of merging similar texts and automatic translations for any locale.
Translate everything in two minutes in 5 locales? Easy! Want more? Scroll down!

*Unlimited amount of small projects, pay only if you have huge data!


We are your Bro!

Request demo? Contact manager? In 2024? Seriously? I will send you a carrier pigeon!

Minimum data required to start using LocaleBro: no more requests, sales, waitings or excessive info from you. Just use email and password and that's it, you can use LocaleBro!

Less movements, more efficiency!

Localize your application as simple as using an Excel file. You can see all the translations on one screen, and change them by clicking on the text.

No additional redirecting, no strange pagination. Just you and texts.


Don't waste your time and money! Use automatization!

Nowadays, we have powerful computer resources, neural networks, photos and videos recognizing systems. Why do we spend time on a manual translation?

Even if automatic translation is not perfect, you will spend much less time to check existing texts, than create them from scratch. So don't waste your time - just use machine translation!

Translate a project by one button click!

Delegate, collaborate, share!

No need to use one credential for all the people. Let developers be developers and translators be translators. You can easily share projects between participants!

You can have a big team because we don't have limitation for sharing!

Also, you can set different access roles, so no worries about losing the project.


Charts, numbers, counters!

Are you ready for a release? What percent of translation do you have? Who did a lot of work to translate everything? Who did nothing?

We will show a real state of your translation progress, no more blind guesses!

We do want to make it better!

Is there something we can improve?

Maybe you have troubles with some feature?

Just use the feedback button! We will do our best to create a perfect tool for you!


Try LocaleBro for free anytime you want

We can help you optimize the localization process, and make it smoother and faster.

No matter how small or large project you have, just try it.

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